The Logis Chefs have always opted for regional gastronomy. They invite you to taste the delicious dishes which have been prepared with local produce.

Famed for their products, the Logis Chefs know how to reconcile Tradition and Innovation by adapting their dishes to consumers' tastes. Often, they are recognised as being some of the best restaurant addresses in the region.

Therefore, in our Logis de France establishments in Herault, you will find some inventive recipes which reflect the flavours of our region.

The pot rating

Every Logis restaurant has been given a « pot » rating enabling you to quickly find one in the appropriate category. This rating reflects not only the hotel-restaurant manager's know-how but also the quality and flavours of the produce that he fashions for his customers' enjoyment…
There are four categories, from which you can chooses the style of restaurant that best suits your requirements, your mood, and your budget.
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Mes sélections du terroir

On the set menu or "à la carte" Logis Restaurant manager offers their local selection, which shows off local produce (cheese, seafood, etc…), local specialities and beverages, prepared using authentic recipes.



Chambre d\'Agriculture

Maison des Agriculteurs

Mas de Saporta CS 10010 – 34975 Lattes cedex


Les Logis Bacchus

Good wine makes a good meal ! To develop a nose for good wine. What better place to stay than a Logis Bacchus.